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Kevin Cash

Former Staff Writer for NerdWallet

I'm a former staff writer for NerdWallet who writes mostly personal finance, economics and lifestyle content. I can adapt to any voice and cover most topics.

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Cutting the Cord: I Cancelled My Cable Subscription, and You Should Too

Well, that title isn’t entirely truthful— I never had one to begin with. When I moved into my first NYC apartment almost a year ago, the first topic of business was getting the internet hooked up… of course. My journey began with a trip over to my local Best Buy...

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How Refinancing Your Home Can Save $40k+ Over the Course of a Mortgage

When interest rates are lower than your current rate, refinancing your home will almost always save you money. Yet, many homeowners still choose not to take the plunge. In a recent study on American home refinancing, the National Bureau of Economic Research found that out of all homeowners in the United States for whom refinancing would have saved money, approximately 20% chose not to take advantage of lower rates...

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Does it Pay to Stay? Being a Loyal Customer, Employee May Not Necessarily Mean More Money In Your Wallet (Part 1)

The customer is king. The customer is always right. The customer comes first. These old adages have been crammed down our throats by companies for as long as modern human communication has existed. But do such fluffy statements mean as much today as they did in years past...

Snowball blog article

Debt Snowball Revisited: How Small Victories Lead to Huge Rewards

Let’s face it, the world runs on debt. Families use it to buy houses, governments build it to fund bloated social welfare programs, corporations take it on grow new business segments. Without the ability to control money that isn’t rightfully ours, the entire universe as we know it would seize up in a matter of minutes. In the United States over 75% of families with heads aged 55-64 hold debt, 40% holding credit card debt specifically...

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Amazon's Mysterious Club That Gives out Free Stuff (Lots of it)

Who is M. Erb, and why does he have the power to make or break some products released by major corporations...

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To Buy, or Not to Buy… That is the Question

Many are faced with this question at a turning point in their lives, though it seems the query is more often addressed by those who chose to dwell in cities. As always, I liken this financial conundrum to my own personal situation living in NYC. I’m twenty three years old, and live on next to nothing in one of the most expensive cities in the world...

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Buying a Car? Here’s How to Deal With The Salesman.

Buying a car can be a stressful process, and often one that involves spending more money than needed. As a prospective buyer, the moment you step on the lot you are entering a battle. No matter what any given car salesman may tell you, your goals here are polar opposite. There is going to be a winner and a loser. It’s up to you to determine which one you will be...

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3 Purchases To Buy Now That Will Save You Money Later

The title says it all. Trying to spend some money now, to save more long-term? Here’s some items you can start off with...

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How You Can Make Easy Money On eBay… With (Literally) A Few ...

Ok, folks. I’m giving away a secret here… and I’m not just saying that. This is a method I’ve been using for a few months now to make some decent passive income selling goods on eBay without ever even seeing the items in person. Wait, what? Yes, you’ve read correctly. No packaging. No tape. No holding inventory. No risk (seriously)...

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Sudden Wealth and What To Do With It

From time to time we may come across a significant lump sum of money. Whether wealth is inherited from a long lost relative or you finally hit the lotto (no, I don’t recommend this strategy), without a plan that fortune can be gone in a flash. These guidelines will make your money last by making it work for you, not against you...

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Debt: Friend or Foe?

The D word. Thou that shall not be named. Whatever you want to call it, however you want to frame it, the word debt when used in the United States often sends shutters down the spines of those who hear it. This is not surprising given that the U.S. national debt is sitting around a cool $17.5 trillion (with a T), and counting...