Kevin Cash

Kevin Cash

Former Staff Writer for NerdWallet

I'm a former staff writer for NerdWallet who writes mostly personal finance, economics and lifestyle content. I can adapt to any voice and cover most topics.

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15 Answers That Will Tank Any Job Interview

Whether you’re vying for an entry-level position at a fledgling startup or you’re meeting with the board of a rival company about a top leadership posting, the list of things you shouldn’t say during a job interview is practically universal.

The 15 Best Coffee Makers on the Planet

You’re a man who likes the finer things in life. You know the exquisite pleasure of a perfectly tailored suit, a well-seared steak, a decanted bottle of Brunello. But if you still have an old Keurig in your kitchen—or worse, a Mr. Coffee—you, my friend, aren’t nearly as sophisticated and savvy as you think you are.

The 20 Greatest Credit Card Deals Right Now

It’s a wonderful time to embrace the plastic. With more and more credit cards flooding the market—combined with an all-out push by banks to attract today’s debt-shy, Venmo-loving Millennials—there’s never been a better time to scoop up a low APR, score an enormous sign-up bonus, and cash in other great perks.

20 Purchases That Are Always Worth the Money

It’s no secret that most consumer products these days come with a shelf life that would make your grandfather cringe. We’re talking about $30 blazers from fast-fashion outlets that last half a season, $200 flat screen TVs from big box stores that will be obsolete by next Black Friday, and phones so cheap you could cycle through them faster than paper towels.